Welcome to UK-Mafia

We are a multiplayer text based mafia game with multiple features from committing crimes to gambling at your favourite casino, Multiplayer poker, RPS, STB, Blackjack, Roulette, Extortion, OC, Group Crimes, Smuggling, Killing Prison Busting and so much more, Not a member? Use the register form to join us now.. Do you have what it takes, To become the best?


Recent Updates

Item page redesign. Easier to see / use all features associated with items.

First Aid item pack now active. Each pack contains two bandages, to be used for Encounters.

Token Exchange added! You can now buy or sell tokens instantly for money!

Token pack prices changed to reflect token production.

Smuggling returns with some changes. You now have a better chance of more rankpoints, and can collect Tokens from successful smuggles.

Changes throughout game:

- Tokens have been made more exclusive
- Scratchcards have been tweaked
- Few Items removed
- Points prices tweaked.
- Bank interest now minimum of 5%
- ATM now has a max money balance.
- Kevlar acquiring throughout game reduced
- Ranks changed; 50 ranks,
- Layout changes
- Many more minor changes

New / Returning Features:

- Encounter
- Rank bar added to top of main page.
- Idea Center returns.
- Russian Roulette returns.
- Buy all button added to Bullet Factory
- ATM now has a Gold account option
- Request feature added to Organised Crime page
- Point buying history added to point page.
- Mug history added to Mug page.